Dad hides big sea shells ahead of beach trips so daughter can find them ❤️❤️

Students with special needs sing National Anthem at high school basketball game ❤️❤️

Little boy finds out he’s officially adopted and starts jumping for joy ❤️❤️

Brazilian soldier holds back tears as mom taps her out during graduation ceremony ❤️❤️

Big brothers step up to take little sister to father-daughter dance after dad passes ❤️❤️

Homeless man grabs the mic during community event and absolutely crushes it🔥❤️

Boy walks on his own again after brain injury left him with just 7% chance to live ❤️❤️

Little girl adorably thanks all her birthday party guests 🤣❤️

Dad teaches his son in wheelchair to never give up on his dreams ❤️❤️

Husband comes home early from trucking route to surprise wife before brain surgery ❤️❤️