Behind The ‘J’

Behind The ‘J’

Behind The J - Good News

You Matter to Us – Here’s Why:

The ‘J’ in Majically is very special. It’s derived from the name Jan, which was the name of the founder’s mother. Jan was a bright light in this world. She held a position within the Orlando, Florida community that allowed her to change the lives of thousands around the globe. She had a heart of gold and an emotional intelligence that was unmatched. She understood people’s pain and she excelled at making people feel like they mattered. She was incredibly empathetic and very attuned with those that were struggling or in need. Her greatest passion however, was caring for sick, disabled, and underprivileged children. Jan loved children more than anything. She often referred to them as Magical, because they see the world how it should be seen. She talked about magic often and created legitimate magic by sharing hope, happiness & positivity with all who needed it. But little did Jan know that she was the Magic. The magic that saved lives, housed abused children, fed the homeless, and helped everyone know how significant they truly are.

Depression and Mental Health Awareness

Jan tragically passed away in late 2010; It was depression that ultimately took this beautiful angel from us. A vibrant soul, full of life and love, was taken from us way too soon. This was a crushing blow to the community and to the people who’s lives Jan changed. It was a harsh reminder that no one is immune to the sadness, anxiety and depression that can come with leading a charitable human life. It was the same reminder that led to the creation of Majically – spelled with a ‘J’.

A New Mission with New Majic

Michael, Jan’s youngest son and the founder of Majically, presses on to continue Jan’s work in his own way. He does so by sharing the very magic his mother taught him with as many people as possible. Majically’s mission is to share the majic of hope, happiness & positivity – just like Jan did. He has created a place that now has the vision of enhancing mental health throughout the world by making people happier.

“We wanted to create a place that would help people both mentally and emotionally. Somewhere that showcases all the good things happening in this beautiful world. A place specifically designed to help people feel good and live well.”
– Michael, Founder