Our Mission

Majically News is dedicated to sharing hope, happiness, and humanity in the form good news stories. There are so many good things happening in this beautiful world of ours and we are passionate about bringing that news to people in a truthful and factual way. 

Our editorial team is committed to helping people feel good about what’s happening in the world, despite all the negativity and fear being presented by the mainstream media. Whether it’s community heroes, feel-good animal stories, or regular people overcoming impossible obstacles, Majically highlights moments that will bring hope and happiness to people across the globe.

Sourcing Standards

Majically News stories are sourced from trusted, credible sources which include but are not limited to: credible/established news organizations, exclusive interviews, eyewitness accounts, trustworthy local news agencies, etc. We flag sources as untrustworthy when the facts can be manipulated by the public (i.e. Wikipedia).

Graphic Content & Profanity

Majically News usually doesn’t cover any stories that includes graphic content or foul language.  In the case of profanity, we will either mute the expletive if it’s a video or choose to use a different word in brackets if it’s a written story.

In case of graphic content (which will be extremely rare), Majically News will provide a warning before the video, which will give people time to exit, so they won’t be triggered by content they don’t wish to engage in.

Fact Checking, Accuracy & Fairness

The Majically News editorial team and authors will thoroughly research each story and find multiple sources before submitting content for review. Our team seeks to be accurate and honest in all sourcing and reporting with no exception.

Majically News does not use clickbait headlines or fake news to inflate engagement. In the event we publish a story that is proven false, or it contains misinformation, an internal review will be triggered and our editorial team will correct the error, or the content will be removed completely.

Viewers can report false content using share@majically.com

Revisions To Published Stories

Although Majically News tries to prevent mistakes altogether, we also understand they happen. When mistakes get brought to our attention, we not only take them seriously, but we current them immediately to reflect as accurate a story as possible.

Feedback Policy

Contact info is available in multiple areas of our site, including the About page and the website footer, where readers can submit inquiries or corrections to our team. These submissions are reviewed and researched by our editorial team to determine their validity and responded to promptly.


Majically has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Copying someone else’s work and passing it off as your own is a crime. If any plagiarism is found or claims of plagiarism are made it will prompt an internal review with possible disciplinary action depending on the severity and intent.

Political Affiliations

Majically News has no political affiliations and avoids in all its forms the appearance of bias.

Content Creators

Credit to content creators are clearly indicated on story, picture, video, or any other piece of content that requires source credit. In cases where an author or creator does not wish to be published, the byline is given to a generic account called The Majically Team.

Ethics & Bias

Majically News is dedicated to being ethical and unbiased in everything we do. We report on good news using all these guidelines to prevent any harm, wrongdoing, or false storytelling. People who think Majically is in violation of any guidelines listed above are welcomed to reach out to share@majically.com, and a member of our team will look into the mater immediately.