The Real ‘Health Power’ Behind Positivity & Positive Thinking

The Real ‘Health Power’ Behind Positivity

The Real 'Health Power' Behind Positivity & Positive Thinking

“Do you see your glass as half-full or half-empty?” We’ve all heard this question before and know it has to do with more than just a simple glass filled with a tasty beverage. This is a time honored question that’s meant to gauge how people look at life and it’s assorted challenges. If you view the glass as half-full and thus life with a positive outlook, studies have shown that positivity can lead to a healthier body and mind.

Harvard Medical School believes that optimism can greatly impact your health. For example, they cite a study that evaluated 309 middle aged patients that required heart surgery. Prior to the surgery, the patients underwent a psychological evaluation. These assessments measured different facets of the patient’s outlook such as depression, optimism and self-esteem. The study found that the patients with a positive outlook were half as likely as negative patients to be re-hospitalized.

The Mayo Clinic also lists several benefits due to a positive mental attitude. These include an increased life span, a greater resistance to the common cold, better cardiovascular health coupled with a reduced risk of death from a cardiovascular disease and many other perks. While the scientific reason for these side effects remains undiscovered, researchers continue to find a correlation between positivity and better health.

Another powerhouse in the medical community, John’s Hopkins, has found that a positive outlook can reduce the risk of brain tumors and strokes. It can also reduce stress and protect against the inflammatory damage stress can cause. It also leads to an overall uptick in life satisfaction.

In summation, a positive mental attitude can do more than simply tell you how much liquid in is a glass. It’s good for your brain, your heart, your relationships and your comprehensive well being. So enjoy the rest of your delicious drink, because with the right attitude, you know a lot more of it is coming your way!

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