The 5 Drinks to Help You Sleep & One You Should Avoid!

The 5 Drinks to Help You Sleep & One You Should Avoid!

5 Drinks to Help You Sleep & One You Should Avoid!

Last time, we covered foods that will help you sleep. Some were tried and true like Turkey, while others, such as almonds and lettuce, were a little off the beaten path yet still effective. This blog will look at the sleep properties of certain drinks that are good for you and put to bed the myth of the “night cap.”

One drink you probably already thought about when you read the title of this blog is milk and you’d be correct. Most of us have heard about a glass of warm milk being useful to induce sleepiness and the idea is mostly sound. While the temperature of the milk doesn’t necessarily affect it’s success rate – Milk contains both melatonin and tryptophan, two chemicals that play an essential part in the sleep process.

There are two kinds of tea you can drink that will help you sleep. The first is chamomile tea. This tea contains apigenin, which binds to certain receptors in your brain to help promote sleep. A study was done where subjects drank Chamomile tea twice a day and experienced faster sleep times and less waking during sleep. Another tea is passionflower tea. It’s believed that Harman alkaloids found in the tea affect your nervous system and induce sleep. One Australian study found that drinking this tea one hour before bed assisted with sleep.

One drowsy beverage that might surprise you is tart cherry juice. Cherry juice contains high levels of melatonin. There were two studies done in which adults afflicted with insomnia drank cherry juice for two weeks. There were many reports of sleeping an hour and a half longer and the state of sleep being deeper.

Last but certainly not least, is a Banana smoothie. Bananas are known for their sleep properties. They contain high levels of potassium and magnesium as well as some tryptophan. If you combine those chemicals with the power of milk, you’ll have yourself a one-two punch guaranteed to knockout that insomnia!

One last drink to touch on is alcohol. Contrary to popular belief alcohol does NOT help you sleep. It’s penny wise and pound foolish. Alcohol will help you fall asleep quicker, but it hurts your ability to get REM sleep, which is the most restful and crucial part of the sleep cycle. Alcohol also dehydrates you, which can lead to a restless night after your initial attempt at sleeping.

In summation, there are quite a few healthy ways in which you can get a full night’s rest. You also don’t want to believe everything you see on TV or hear from a friend. Trade that night cap for a delicious smoothie and you’ll be on the path for better sleep and a healthier body and mind!

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