Messages of Kindness – 12-Year-Old Delivers Lunches to Homeless

Messages of Kindness – 12-Year-Old Delivers Lunches to Homeless

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Empathy is something that can be lost as we grow older. It comes naturally to children though. Kids see and understand other people’s struggles and instinctively want to help. Adults get too mixed up in things associated with survival and profit, and they can lose that feeling of empathy. So it’s not surprising that kids like Liam Hannon are making such an impact. They just understand and get it…immediately. We just hope that more people (adults), will take the time to reengage with empathy, because that’s one emotion that will literally change the world.

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At just 12 years old, Liam Hannon is making a difference in his Cambridge community – one lunch at a time.

“It’s like a way to give people joy, maybe spark something in them that can change them,” Liam told WBZ-TV.

“Liam’s Lunches of Love” has fed more than 2,000 of Central Square’s most vulnerable residents. Liam delivers meals to the homeless.

“In this time when there seems to be so much negativity, maybe you have to turn to a 12-year-old to lead the way,” said Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern.

Liam’s father, Scott Hannon said “It makes me proud, as a dad, that I’m able to raise him that way, but also that he’s the way he is.”

The “Young Wonder” named by CNN, isn’t looking for praise, but reciprocity.

“I think the message is to spread positivity within people,” said Liam.

Liam includes a handwritten message of joy on each bag. His message and star power has spread all over the country,

To date, his online fundraising page has raised more than $44,000 and counting – raising more than $17,000 in just one day, with help of actor Harry Connick, Jr. and others.

People as far as Kentucky are sending special hand crafted bags to help the young philanthropist with his mission to help those in need.

Many are hoping the simple act of kindness spreads.

“Liam gives me hope for the future of Cambridge, the country and the world,” Mayor McGovern said.

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