A Few Fall Inspired Foods To Help You Sleep and Rest Up

A Few Fall Inspired Foods To Help You Sleep and Rest Up

A Few Fall Inspired Foods To Help You Sleep and Rest Up

A good night’s sleep in invaluable. We’ve all heard for years that you should get 8 hours of sleep. According to the CDC, it’s more like seven hours of sleep but even at that reduced number, American’s still struggle to get a full night’s rest. We’ve all had that feeling of staring at the ceiling, worried about various problems coming up. We’ve also sat there and played the slideshow of every mistake we’ve ever made, seemingly by just getting into bed. Most often we’ll then turn to over the counter sleep aids to assist us into finally meeting the sandman. However, before you turn to Zzzquil or worse, Ambien, here are some foods you can eat either at dinner or before bedtime that will help with your sleep patterns.

For starters both walnuts and almonds are great for helping with sleep. They both contain the sleep inducing chemical melatonin. Almonds also contain magnesium which can help with inflammation and reduces cortisol, a stress causing agent. There was a study done where almond extract was given to rats. The rats were found to sleep longer and deeper on the almond extract. As for walnuts, they also contain fatty acids which can help with staying asleep.

Another food that might surprise you is lettuce. Lettuce contains lactucarium. It affects the brain like opium as it has sedative properties. You can eat a few leavers before bed or boil them in water and make a lettuce tea with some mint for flavoring.

Since it’s fall, you’ll definitely be able to get your hand on our next item: pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds also contain magnesium which, as mentioned above, helps with inflammation and insomnia. If you can’t get pumpkin seeds you can also have some sunflower seeds or flax seeds which work just as well.

The last one on our list is pretty well known and also a fall favorite, turkey. Turkey is high in protein and contains tryptophan (an essential amino acid that aids in sleep) both of which could be the cause of feeling sleepy after ingesting it.

These are only some of the foods you can eat to help get that elusive solid night’s sleep. Make sure you check back in for more natural and nutritional ways to catch those Zs!

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