75-year-old fitness influencer is proving that you’re never too old to chase your dreams

75-year-old fitness influencer is proving that you’re never too old to chase your dreams. Via: Joan MacDonald/IG

A 75-year-old woman, who now spends her days inspiring people on Instagram, has proven that you’re never too old to start a fitness journey.

Joan MacDonald started her fitness journey at 70. Most people would not expect to start a journey like this past young adulthood, but Joan became an inspiration against all odds and demonstrates the power of resilience to us all.

In 2016, right before Christmas, Joan’s daughter visited her in Ontario, Canada, to find out that Joan’s health was deteriorating. She was on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux.

“I was huffing and puffing climbing up and down the stairs,” Joan told MSNBC.

“My daughter got concerned. She thought that if she wanted me around, she’d better intervene.”

Joan’s daughter Michelle is a fitness instructor in Tulum, Mexico and even owns her own gym along with her husband. Joan was encouraged to move to Tulum and start her fitness journey there which left her surprised as she did not expect that reaction from her daughter.

Just a few weeks later, from the initial shock of her daughter Michelle Macdonald, Joan joined a fitness challenge supervised by her daughter along with ten others who were also part of the transformation group.

“It was tough in the beginning,” Michelle told GMA. “People don’t realize that [my mom] was there in the trenches, trying to figure it all out and getting frustrated.”

After a tough start, Joan was able to stop taking all medications by just changing up her habits in just a year. She began eating healthier, sleeping more, exercising, even doing weight training in her 70s.

Joan is now 76 years old and has lost 68 pounds from when she started. She has even become a celebrity on social media as she has been able to completely turn her life around despite her age.

“It’s hard work. It’s not easy. But anyone can do it. I’m not special. You just need to determine that you want to have a better life,” Joan MacDonald said.

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