5 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress – Feel Good, Live Well

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress – Feel Good, Live Well

Stress free zone. 5 easy ways to reduce stress.

Stress. Just reading the word can make people anxious. It’s a feeling everyone can relate to and it comes in many forms and many places. It could be deadlines at work, keeping the house clean, getting a flat tire or for the very unfortunate all of the above. However, there are several simple ways that you can reduce your daily stress and we’ll cover a few of them in this blog.

One way to reduce stress is to do some progressive relaxation. You start at one part of your body, like your feet or hands, and progressively work to other parts. You tense your muscles and then relax them. Work your way slowly around to different parts your body and you’ll feel the stress melt away.

Another way to reduce stress is to spend some time with your pet. It’s scientifically proven that people with pets live happier and healthier lives. The companionship our furry friends provide often brings stress relief.

A simple act that may surprise you with it’s effectiveness is chewing gum. A study done in 2008 showed that chewing gum can reduce cortisol levels and thus relieve stress. It also assisted with multi-tasking, with the chewer being more alert and feeling less anxious.

This one may surprise you as well but aromatherapy has been proven to be effective in reducing stress. Studies have shown a direct correlation between certain scents and feeling less stress. Lavender in particular has shown to consistently reduce stress.

Finally, you can give someone you care about a big hug. Hugging has been proven to raise oxytocin levels and lower blood pressure. Both of these effects lead to a lower stress level.

These are only a few of the ways you can reduce the stress in your life. If you employ these easy to use methods, you’ll be on your way to being your best self in no time!

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